Michael Thomas

Born on November 11, 1937 in Zagreb, Michel Thomas (real name Stanislas Pozar) moved to the legendary Place du Tertre in Montmartre in the early 1960s.

Pozar quickly became a recognized master in the art of oil painting depicting Parisian landscapes. In search of further development, he enrolled in 1962 at the Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, where he took classes with Raymond Legueult.

Initially a great lover of watercolor, his favorite medium became oil painting. He made countless sketches and studies of small characters who subsequently became famous under the name of "Gamins de Paris" or even Petits Poulbots.

Sketch of Michel Thomas, father of Petits Poulbots

These hundreds of mischievous characters rose to fame during the 1970s. His most famous works represent young children, often Parisians, who are generally nicknamed "The Little Ones", but also sometimes "Gavroches", "Poulbots", "Gamins" or even the “Titis Parisiens”. His favorite themes are Paris, the mountains, the outdoors, sports, the sea, fishing, animals, music and painting.

His “Gamins” have enjoyed great popular success, in the form of large format posters, postcards, but also figurines, puzzles, calendars, stickers, canvases, key rings, glasses, plates, cups and saucers! Michel Thomas signed multiple contracts and, buoyed by success, created his own publishing company, Pram.

When he died on March 31, 2014, in Paris, we discovered that Michel Thomas donated half of his assets.

Fifty years later, Petits Poulbots have today become very rare to find. These are collector's items, youthful memories. Most of his works were lost in the flames of a fire which destroyed his workshop. While the Gamins were present in many homes, on the walls, as a collector's item, it became difficult to obtain beautiful pieces.

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