The “Kids” by Michel Thomas

Very fashionable during the 70s, Michel Thomas gave birth to hundreds of mischievous characters. His works represent young children (often Parisians) who are generally nicknamed "The little ones", but also sometimes "Gavroches", "Poulbots", "Gamins" or even the "Titis Parisiens". His "Gamins" were very successful popular, in the form of large format posters, postcards, but also figurines, puzzles, calendars, stickers, canvases, key rings, glasses, plates, cups and saucers!

Michel Thomas used to study his illustrations with sketches before making paintings of them.

Sketch by Michel Thomas

Today, Petits Poulbots have become very rare to find. These are collector's items, youthful memories. While the Gamins were present in many homes, on the walls, as a collector's item, it is no longer possible to obtain beautiful pieces.

At Petits Poulbots, we met Michel Thomas. Great admirers of the artist, our goal is to revive his Les Gamins collection, including the rarest pieces in the form of paintings and lithographs, for your pleasure and that of your friends.

We have all of his originals and are today the official art publisher of his works. This is how each print is an authentic, unique, numbered and certified piece.

Our workshop is based in Paris, near Montmartre.

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Painting, original oil painting by Michel Thomas

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